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What is a Task Force?

A group of like-minded community members that share a passion for sustainability with a particular focus in mind.

Our Task Forces developed years ago out of a large community stakeholder meeting. At that time, it became clear that community members come to an interest in sustainability through various lenses, motivations and passions. Task Forces gave the opportunity for folks to group themselves together by these “passions” and create events and programs based around them. Won’t you consider joining on to one of our existing Task Forces – or possibly creating a new one!

  • connecting people in the community around our mission
  • hosting educational events
  • providing networking opportunities
  • supporting community based task forces
  • acting as a general clearing house of information on sustainability news and events
  • partnering with other sustainability-focused organizations to broaden our reach
  • partnering with government groups, businesses, community groups and schools to broaden our reach

Sustainable Cherry Hill Task Forces

Mission: To engage all forms of artistic media and to involve and inform the Cherry Hill community and surrounding region about the culture and science of sustainability.

Meetings TBA

Contact: art@sustainablecherryhill.org

Current Events

Mission: Provide outreach and educational opportunities towards a more sustainable, healthy and connected lifestyle by learning about gardens, landscapes and the broader ecosystem.

Meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month at Panera Bread in Voorhees; but please contact for meeting confirmation.

Contact: garden@sustainablecherryhill.org

Current Events

Mission: to improve the well-being of our community and the planet by raising awareness of health and sustainability issues surrounding consumer choices that directly affect our bodies from the inside and out.

Meets the 2nd Thursday of these months: February, June and October at Yoga for Living in Cherry Hill but please contact for meeting confirmation.

Contact: greenhealth@sustainablecherryhill.org

Current Events

Mission: To achieve a sustainable Cherry Hill through green building and land use planning practices by 2020. (Residential and business focus).

Meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month but please contact for meeting confirmation and location.

Contact: greenbuild@sustainablecherryhill.org

Current Events

Mission: creating awareness, influencing allocation of resources, acting as a liaison with and rallying support of government, community and businesses to make Cherry Hill a safe pedestrian/bike accessible town without the use of a car.

Contact: waytogo@sustainablecherryhill.org

Current Events