Creating Upcycled Crafts and Community

10801919_793484200719342_1227194449223615038_nAs the holidays approached, the Art and Sustainability Task Force held its first event December 6 – and it was a festive gathering.  This upcycled craft day was attended by a wide variety of people ranging from young kids and high school students to long-time community members.  In addition to creating fun and useful crafts, participants learned how items, that might otherwise be discarded, can find new life through creative reuse. They had the oppHolCraft120614_25ortunity to share their creativity with friends both old and new.

It was a wonderful experience to watch people make new connections, share ideas, and put their own creative twist on crafts they were taught.

The task force is planning  craft days for the months ahead with the next event in March 2015.  We areHolCraft120614_23 always looking for teachers, artists and aids to share their expertise and participants to learn about art and sustainability. Find out more about the Art and Sustainability Task Force here.

If you missed the December 6 event,  we have detailed directions on how to make  the three crafts (tube sock snow man, window screen bracelet and tee shirt scarf). Happy sustainable crafting!

We thank Cherry Hill Township’s recreation department for allowing us to lead our event at the Croft Farm Arts Center.